While we were a little disappointed with the low take up of this concept, we were more than pleased with the quality and aptitude of those who did want to learn how to play pétanque.  In the younger age bracket we welcomed Matthew, Ebony, Enzo and Solomon. In the older, Sofia, Luca and Sam.

They all used the junior boules the Club was able to acquire through the generous grant from the Steve Bernard Foundation.  The enthusiasm and willingness to learn and apply themselves to getting a feel for pointing, shooting and tactics was there for all to see. And they all welcomed the chance to put their skills to good use as they moved on to play actual games against each other.

As the course concluded, we were delighted when no less than four of our ‘trainees’ opted to join Pétanque England.  Sam, indeed, is going to a Regional training session at Fareham early in September.  We look forward to seeing them regularly at Club sessions as they continue to hone their skills.

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